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DoDaF: The Department of Defense Architecture Framework

The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) comprises in a foundational framework to describe enterprise architectures as well as the system architecture in a consistent manner (USA Department of Defense, 2007). It has been initially developed in 1996 by the US Department of Defense to ensure a common basis for the definition of architectures of commands, military services and defense agencies. In 2003, a new version of the framework has been released. Although DoDAF is clearly oriented to military systems, it has a broad applicability in architectures descriptions that are more general (Lankhorst, 2005).
The DoDAF provides a set of products which are structured in four main views, namely, All-View (AV) Operational View (OV), System View (SV) and Technical View (TV) as mechanism for communicating and visualizing the broad scope of the organizations.
Goals, vision statements and tactics are captured as cross-cutting concerns (global conditions that compose the context of the architecture) within the framework in the AV products (AV products capture overarching aspects, providing information pertinent to the entire architecture but do not represent a distinct view of the architecture).
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